Can we PLEASE turn friendly fire off for Kings?

  • I know you can kick people that are being assholes and intentionally TKing, but with the king it’s particularly bad because you only have ONE life, and by the time the vote is done and the person is kicked they have PLENTY of time to inflict significant damage on the king. I’ve been in several games where the king has died because he got low on health and some TKer came in and landed a couple hits with the maul.

    I just finished a game where I survived 11 minutes as king, there was 1 minute left in the game, and a couple TKers came in and starting wailing on me. Got them kicked but my health was down to 30%, and the other team saw an opening and finished me off.

    Can we PLEASE turn off friendly fire damage on the KING ONLY.

  • I will admit that there is nothing more frustrating than being griefed by a tker while you are king…

  • That would severely break the objective, so no. The core mechanics don’t change because of griefers

  • That is very frustrating when that happens.

    However without team damage then defenders could spam attacks around the king without problem making it even easier to defend. Especially those with long two handers could pretty much just keep spamming combos around the king creating a kill zone so it would almost impossible to get close to the king.

    I remember one game on Stoneshill we weren’t doing very well for the last section and the King got cocky and was running around the hall surrounded by knights and vanguards. I was on the mezzanine and dropped down behind the king and started wailing on him with my mace. The defenders turned around and saw me and started swinging and killed me but in doing so accidentally killed their king. They should have been more careful (although really I did the majority of the damage). If the above was implemented there would be no danger to the king in spamming LMB.

  • Agree, how about this:

    If a teammate dmgs the king, he gets the vote and can decide on his own if his ‘defender’ should get kicked.

    After all he is the king and should have some power.
    Timer should be there only to wait for the response of course. Once the king hits INS the guy would be gone…

  • while it’s very frustrating, it’s also sometimes a strategy for the attackers, to get a guy in there and get his teammates to surround him over 1 dude attacking at him, then that one guy causes a lot of team damage. I love it…

    griefers suck… but they’re going to be there regardless. Plus i think without team damage a good team could just surround their king with tower shields and spear guys in the back… and juust spam through their teammates whenever someone came along, not having to worry about team damage… ever think about that?

  • My short opinion: No.

  • interesting story about this occasional dilemma happened just the other day. After the team killer incident which led to me being exposed to what would otherwise been a negligible wave I was vote kicked… I just, I’m really at a loss for what happened there. Anyway, whilst this development is really troublesome and upsets games on one of the better maps available at this time I agree with the points others have presented. A king impervious to team damage could lead devastating charges, they would attack, interrupt and parry out front with any number of spear and halberd users behind them. The suggestion to give a priority vote to the king is if necessary perhaps the most sensible resolution. Of course that type of power could produce new forms of player misconduct but one would hopefully assume the leading player would be more responsible than others (I’m feeling strangely naive at this point).

  • king should kick ppl without vote!

    but reversed dmg for KING only.

  • it’s annoying, it doesn’t just ruin the game for the defending team and the guy wanting to be king… but also for the attacking team that wanted a chance to have at it… agreed, it sucks.

    Turning off friendly fire doesn’t work. The best thing you can probably do in this situation… is when you start getting attacked, you have a great deal of health, start parrying the guy and running away, hopefully your team isn’t totally oblivious and sees them doing so… if you can hold out… votekick before he lives again, as your team will most likely team kill him for doing that. You must hold your ground unfortunately.

  • Doesn’t the rest of your team come to your aid when your getting attacked by a team member?

  • I understand the point, but I also think there should be friendly fire for the King. Otherwise the defending team would be free to hit enemies, King or no King standing in their way, with no real penalties (and this is especially true for big weapons).

  • Just make it so the King gets 33% friendly fire instead of 50% (1/3 instead of 1/2)

  • Added a poll to the thread to gather people’s thoughts.

    I personally feel it should stay on (to promote care when swinging) but have the amount be reduced a lot. Unsure of what exact amount it should be, but it should be enough that a hit still causes some damage, but low enough that it would take a great many more to have a significant effect.

  • the damage can be adjusted by admins though, so it should probably just be left up to them.

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    the damage can be adjusted by admins though, so it should probably just be left up to them.

    It COULD be, but it certainly isn’t possible to adjust friendly fire damage on a certain player right now.

  • I think the best solution would be not to turn off friendly fire completely, but that there’s 50% less teamdamage to the king than to any other team member (for example if the server option is set to 50%, he gets 25% teamdamage).

  • Interesting, the poll responses are actually quite spread.

  • This thread was about griefers, no?
    I dont think the solution should be one that changes gameplay if there are no tkers around.

    Just add a special votekick option for kings.

  • This post is deleted!

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