Game doesn't save graphic settings.

  • Hey guys,

    after I had to set up my PC again, I also had to reinstall Steam and download Chivalry - everything went fine.

    But since then the game always starts in a window instead of fullscreen. So I go into the options, disable the music again, set fullscreen to true aswell as vsync and blur to false. I click on “save” or “finish” (according to menu I’m in) and play a round of splitting guys open.

    The next time I start the game, everything is reset. The music is back, it starts in a window again and so on…

    Also it feels like switching vsync and blur off doesn’t work. Especially switching off vsync gave me good fps, now the game still feels a little… laggy in the thickness of battle.

    I already tried to verify the ingegrity of the game cache via Steam. Nothing changes.

    Anyone knows how to fix this or had similiar problems?


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