Different archery

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    I always thought the archery in chivalry should be more like mount and blade’s. It feels much smoother and less sluggish to draw and release (I don’t mean the time it takes) and it isn’t “pinpoint” in it’s accuracy. Here is a pic of the cross-hair.

    [attachment=0:nazcwg6h]MnB Crossh.jpg[/attachment:nazcwg6h]

    This cross-hair is made from a circle split into three arcs, each with a line pointing inwards with a bead at the end, at the highest archery skill in the game, the beads meet in the middle and make a single bead. I don’t think this should be the case in chivalry as you cant level up skills, and the whole point of this idea is to make archery slightly less “exact”. For this mechanic, when the bow is drawn the three arcs get closer and closer to becoming a circle, until full draw, at which point, you can only hold it for so long before the arcs begin to move apart again. The arrow can hit anywhere in the area created inside the three beads. For me this would be about right, bows should not be as precise (or more) than an aerodynamic bullet being fired from a long, rifled barrel (I know the drop is different). Currently, I’m a terrible archer, but quite often i get a very decent (or even the best sometimes) score in TO.
    Another point to mull over, is that if this mechanic was introduced, the bows could be more varied. The longbow the most accurate, the shortbow the quickest to aim and able to be held longest, and the warbow, slow, but powerful obviously. that would mean however, that the warbow would be a bit less accurate than the longbow but hey, just an idea! If ever this was thought to be implemented, i would beg of TB not to even look at it till they’ve got somewhere with the bugfixes.

    Frappin out 8-) .

  • Archery really needs some more depth. Right now it is all about dps (how fast can I shoot, how much damage do I do). The warbow will be the no.1 Archer choice as long as it stays that way. I liked M&B archery but also AoC archery. In AoC you had no crosshair, which made aiming a bit harder.

    I’d like those changes….would also make shotgunning with bows less efficient.

  • Yeah, I think the archery in M&B is better than the archery in Chivalry. Though they can’t really copy the exact same way of doing it from M&B, they could have made something similar.

  • Yeah, i wouldn’t say exactly the same, but something of this ilk.

  • The crosshairs at release looked similar to the M&B crosshairs.

  • As in the chivalry cross-hair? The one with a constant dot in the middle where the arrow always goes? (not accounting for drop) That one?

  • Indeed, Bows and Crossbows are basically pretty much pin point accurate rifles at this state.

    1. It makes the game unbalanced.
    2. It makes archery much more boring in a game like this.

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