Damaged Face, and some other gore suggestions

  • So I was watching a lot of chivalry vids and I noticed that every time you hit someone in the face using a mace, you completely destroy the head, you dont even see the parts of the skull just some red chunks in the air.

    I was thinking, why not make it more realistic, the mace should crush the face not make it explode. The visual damage should depend on where you hit, and how. Hit someone in the chin/jaw area and that place will get deformed, hit them with an overhead attack to the skull, and you break it. Keep the exploding head and add these for some variety maybe?

    Give the blunt weapons the ability to break bones, and add some extra visual damage too, like broken arms, ribs etc.

    And more visible open wounds on the body would be cool too. Something like this but realistic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EymKZBG0 … lpage#t=6s

    These are just some suggestions, Im not saying the current state of gore is bad or anything, its great. These things would just make the battles even more brutal,realistic and improve the medieval battlefield feeling when you are playing the game.

    Im not a horror movie freak who likes to see blood or anything, just some extra suggestions :P

  • Seems cool, I do hope they add more realistic gore to the game!

  • i like them too :)

  • Yes they should improve gore effect on face ! maybe to explode the head only partial like in Manhunt.

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