[SOLVED] UDK.exe stopped working…

  • Everytime I launch chivalry through steam, the game crashes after the “Torn Banner Studios”-logo and I get the following message: “UDK.exe stopped working”. I’ve played the game for months without any big issues. Last time I played the game was yesterday, so something happened over night.

    I already tried several “fixes”, reinstalled .NET framework 4, fixed the dll-files, deleted config-folder, reinstalled Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, but no luck so far. I even reinstalled the entire game. :|

    Any solutions?

    Some specs:
    Intel i5-2500k
    Nvidia Geforce 570 GTX Gainward and 570 GTX EVGA. Running SLI-mode
    RAM: 16.0 GB

    So I did some research, and found out other people had the same problem and fixed it by making sure no background programs were running while launching the game. The most common one was xfire, but in my case it was apparently msi-afterburner :O.

    Good to be back in the battlefield! :D

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