Combining dodge and sprint for MaA

  • I play man at arma myself and always follow up my dodges with sprinting. But why seperate the two? Instead of just doubletapping the dodge should go the moment I tap sprint and if I tap and hold it should dodge then sprint. Just like how those olympic runners get a very fast start.

  • Few users in the forum have indeed suggested a left alt + wasd / left shift + wasd as a better way to dodge and Tibberius mentioned in another thread that they are indeed testing out the ‘left alt + wasd / left shift + wasd’ dodge option internally within the dev team 8-)

    Altough I’m not sure if they have tested your suggested sprinting add-on to it. Normally in Chivalry holding a button doesn’t do much (the only use being blocking with a shield, all other controls rely on the press of the key / tap) so I guess that even if there’s going to be a new solution to dodge mechanish, you’d still need to press left shift in order to start sprinting, even if they do change the dodge to left alt +wasd.

  • I would not support this idea.
    Like it is now, the dodging ability makes you much more reactive, not having to prepare a finger to dodge.

  • No.

  • I think the dodge system we have now is perfect.

  • @-Slash-:


    Thank you for contributing to Chivarly: Medieval Warfare beta testing. Your highly statistical and in-depth analysis is of great importance to Torn Banner. :|

  • Yea I knew someone would quote me on that lol. YOu contributed alot too, I must say…

  • @RodyMetal:

    I think the dodge system we have now is perfect.

    It’s ok, not perfect. It really needs a separate key, imo. Dodging by double tap is a tad too slow.

  • I believe it could use a one second cooldown too.

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