Suggestions To Work Towards

  • I’ve been playing this game for quite some time, and this is the first time I felt compelled to post on these forums. After playing duel for a bit of time, I’ve noticed some key things that do occur that could use fixing, whether they are balance fixing, bug fixing, or a mix in between.

    1. Shield stunnning has become a purely anti-knight mechanic. Although MaAs have shields and can be bashed, they can dodge while bashed, or near the end of the stun timing. Unless you have an MaA trapped in a corner, or they are already very low on stamina, it is incredibly difficult at best to land a blow onto him. Yet, an MaA can shield bash a knight and still get that free hit in. I believe this needs to be fixed. I am not sure how this plays out on MaA vs MaA as I main knight.

    2. Range hit boxes need to be fixed. This isn’t a plea to nerf longer weapons or anything of that sort. However, after playing many duels I’ve come to realize that sometimes you will be hit by a weapon that is purely whiffing the air. I’ve observed this multiple times happen to me, and people I’m facing. I believe the cause of this is when you are either winding up or pulling your weapon back after swinging, your hit box is still extended outward to where your arm will be or was. This results in an attack that would have otherwise missed hitting you.

    3. Weapons going through shields. This one has much less evidence than the other two, and should be taken with a grain of salt, as it is mostly speculation. It is hard to understand what exactly is going on when getting facehugged, but I do believe there are instances where weapons will go through shields. This is something I believe the developers should look into.

    Thank you everyone who reads and responds.

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