• Would it be possible to do several smaller updates rather than big ones? This way the changes can be digested quicker, and the feedback will be more focused… just a thought.

  • Unfortunately, it’s not possible at this time.

    Read through this thread to find out why:


  • I think by smaller, people mean the number of changes, as opposed to the physical size of the patch. On size though, Tripwire have a good system going for RO2, they either update game code, or levels and rarely both together; their game code updates are very small (less than 50mb) but their level updates are a couple of gigs because changing one simple small thing requires a massive update due to the way Unreal handles it. This effectively means there’s nothing stopping Torn Banner releasing only bug fixes with no level fixes every 1-3 weeks that are small in physical size (plus the time in getting to grips with it), with the map changes every month+ that are the ~gig patches.

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