Point Blank arrows

  • Several times I’ve witness arrows going through a person when they are right on top of the player shooting. Was this intentional?

    Anyways I wanted to suggest the ability to just stab someone with an arrow and possibly latency compensation when trying to hit someone.

  • I believe the times you see arrows flying overhead are a result from the Unreal engine not displaying where “guns” or “bows” are aiming at 100% accurately for every player.

  • Although stabbing someone with an arrow would be cool, it wouldn’t make much sense. If you stabbed someone with an arrow it would likely snap, on top of doing next to no damage (would probably have more luck just punching them instead).

    My counter-suggestion is just allowing you to kick with a ranged weapon out… would be much more useful than an attack since it would not only interrupt enemy windups but also gain distance so you can pull out your melee weapon to defend yourself.

  • I dont like it.

    Currently there are archers who will take the risk to try one more shot when charged and other who switch to their secondary to be on the safe side. (keep in mind that this one shot can take of 100% of your health!)

    With options to strike with the bow in hand everyone would go for shooting till the last second. Also sneaking up on archers would be nerved, since they could get out their secondary every time.

    If you use your ranged weapon make sure theres no melee next to you!

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