Chivalry + recreational drugs = ultimate awesomeness

  • I´ve never really seen any thread be made mentioning this. I very much so enjoy playing this game while under the effects of cannabis or alcohol, specially cannabis, goddamn would you hear these silly voices? Did you hear that silly archer screaming those silly sounds “I DONT BELIEVE IT” “NOOOOO” “NOOOOOAAAOOO” or the Vanguard? “KIIIIILL THE ARCHEEEERS”, “MWEHEHEHAHAHAAHHUHUHUH”

    Yeah anyway, it always gets to me when i´m high. I recently had the pleasant experience on a duel server, to kick an FFAer between me and another guy, we just kept kick him between us and he was stunned for about 30 seconds straight as a cause of this.

  • yea definately alcohol ads to it, weed even more so. i do think chiv, and just about all games, are more fun while drunk and or stoned. funny thing is, i play more like a noob, make more mistakes and die more while under the influence, but it is still more fun. its funny too because in washington and colorado, weed is legal now–for everyone over 21, just like alcohol. im glad im in CA with medical marijuana and dispensaries not in short supply.

  • Yeah guys, I don’t think this thread is very appropriate. We aren’t condoning anything here and I don’t really want this to be a regular topic on the forums, so now you two can go talk about in PM’s okay? Thanks :P

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