Constant control problems and graphics card crashes

  • I have had an unending stream of problems through out the last few months of playing CMW that I have been unable to fix and are driving me mad.

    1. Seemingly random freezing (in game) followed by AMD driver crashes. This has been an unending issue. At times I will get several in a row. Essentially, the game suddenly freezes (sometimes with a blank screen), no response for sometimes 4-5 seconds, then I am redirected to the Windows desktop (to see the message that the driver crashed and was restarted).
      My system runs an 6870 card, Windows Vista 64 bit. Have tried multiple drivers, up to and including the latest beta drivers. What makes this even more irritating is that I actually have the system now dual-booting to Windows 7 Home and I get the same thing, only magnified. Clean installation of Windows and of CMW.

    2. The controls suddenly go mad and start moving on their own. What direction that is in varies; sometimes to the side, sometimes backwards. It is more likely to happen right after I have been killed but not limited to that. The only way I can stop it is by hitting ESC to get the menu then return. This never occurred on my Vista partition, only in my clean Windows 7 partition. I have a Logitech G25 wheel and a digital joystick that I have disconnected from the PC to see if this would recur, no change. Same thing. I have attempted freezing the drive4rs for the wheel as well, no change. I have deleted the game’s folders and had Steam verify the cache and rebuild it, same thing.

    These are incredibly frustrating problems that make me seriously doubt the quality of the underlying game.

  • This is getting absurd. Not only is TBS a company that seems does not care about customer support, they make it incredibly hard to get anything reported.

  • Remember, if your drivers are crashing: Something’s wrong.

    If you’re overclocking that 6870, I suggest stopping that.

    And try monitoring your 6870’s temperature. If it’s pretty high(60C+), look into a way to keep it cooler. Whether that’s a fan pointing in your case, or doing what I’ve already suggested.

    Also, you testing a bunch of different drivers may have caused some major confliction going on with your GPU. Did you be sure to remove all of the old drivers before trying a different set?

  • Stock speeds, no overclock - have also tried using MSI Afterburner to make the fans on the card go full blast well before 60 Celsius. I thought the same for the drivers - unfortunately I got the same results across two separate operating systems (I dual boot Vista 64 bit and 7 64-bit). The stuttering and crashing is a bit less prevalent now under in Win 7 but I have that control problem come up over and over again.

  • I recently un-installed MSI Afterburner, because it caused so many issues with my GPU. Such as not feeding my 7850 enough voltage, or screwing with my 2D/3D clocks. I just finally got tired of it causing so many issues. I don’t overclock anymore though. So, in this case; Download GPU-Z, you can find it on Google, and monitor how much voltage that your 6870 is being fed. Should be a little over 1V or 1.1V, if it’s below 1V, you got an issue there. Also check your 2D/3D clocks in Afterburner by clicking settings then scrolling over to profiles. To fix the voltage issue(If you’ve got it), click settings then “Force constant voltage.”

    You should be okay then.

  • Hello. Sorry to hear you are having this problem. I’ll do my best to assist you with your problems and hopefully find a solution.

    As for Torn Banner not responding, you have to understand that they are a small team that is always working on the game to continue to make it better and interact with the community as best as possible. They do take time to respond to people but in the unfortunate case that they cannot get to someone, then others in the community, like myself, will be able to respond instead.

    Now, for your problem.

    1. What exactly does the message say?

    2. Are you using a wireless mouse and/or keyboard?

  • Thank you for the response. While I fully understand why the team is unable to respond, it does not mean I agree with or excuse it. Granted, game software companies seem to generally think that after sales support is something they can work on down the road or leave to the user community, it does not make for a good customer experience. Considering how important word-of-mouth promotion is, over the long term that will not be helpful - you want promoters, not detractors, if TBS will keep growing.


    1. When I do get a message (which is not always) it is of the form “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered” - the actual driver filename referenced varies. When I get the next one I will add it here.

    2. Wired bog standard keyboard (Kensington K64370)
      Wireless Logitech G7 mouse

    1. Download Driver Sweeper Uninstall AMD Drivers from Programs and Features. Run Driver Sweeper, check anything that says ATI, AMD, and NVIDIA. Reinstall AMD Drivers and hopefully it shall run.

    2. Go to My Documents/My Games/and delete the Chivalry folder then run the game.

  • Thank you - both those steps were previously done in Windows Vista and in Windows 7 - the latter was a clean installation of Windows.

  • The problem you are describing is highly unlikely to be a fault of the Unreal Engine or Chivalry game code.

    It sounds like it is hardware related, UDK or Chivalry may expose this fault.

    Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

    Is a pretty big indicator of a hardware fault. This could be one (or more) of several reason:

    GPU overheated at some point and damaged the hardware, generally a memory module. The hallmark of a damaged memory module is random crashing, for example have the Display Driver stopped working with different driver files listed as the fault at different times. Now this randomness is will be semi-random, in that it will most likely happen when a game is running and requires more memory than usual, greatly increasing the chances of hitting the damaged bits of the memory module.
    If this is the case, it cannot be truly fixed.

    You may be able to get a workaround by underclocking your card, specifically the memory speed. This may make the damaged memory module more stable during play and it may not trigger the crash.

    All it takes to damage your card is 1 moment of extreme heat (if you’re unlucky). Just because the card is running warm now doesn’t mean it didn’t run spastically hot some time ago. Have you cleaned the dust out of the fans regularly?

  • Well, assuming that even were the case, it would manifest itself with other games as well. It does not. These errors only come up with CMW.

    Also, does ANYONE have any ideas about the ridiculous control problem?

  • Not nesserily true. Depending on what engine is used and what techniques specifically are called in the rendering process it can make a difference.

    For instance, I have a dodgy card that plays all games fine. Except Battlefield 3, it will start doing strange artifacts unless I underclock the card by 10%. I’ve swapped the card out for another of the same model (borrowed from a friend) and it works fine at stock speeds. Thus my card is the issue, and that issue only arises for Battlefield 3. I’m sure if I played a hundred other graphically intensive games the problem would eventually show up.

    Now for your strange controls, again I’m thinking hardware. Quite possibly it stems from the same fault that may not even be on your GPU but your motherboard, how old is your PSU and is it up to the task, is it a brand model or a generic?

    I’m trying to offer you suggestions, you seem to have it stuck in your head it must be CMW’s fault, when it quite likely is not. If you are not going to do some work by following the suggestions then I’m not going to help any further, I have better things to do with my time.

  • Dual boot machine. Does not occur in Vista, only in Windows 7. It is all in my initial post. As for your help, while your attempt is appreciated, this is exactly why I expect TBS to deal with their customers directly instead of leaving it to other customers.

  • Have you tried running Chivalry in Vista?

  • Keith,
    Yes, I have. I’ll save you the pasted paragraph of text from my first post.

    • Controls have worked fine in Vista 64 (which is where I played it for quite a while)
    • I experienced the freezing/stuttering/crashing in Vista.
    • I experienced the freezing/stuttering/crashing in Windows 7 once I installed it on a new SSD and then Steam/CMW.
    • The freezing/stuttering/crashing in Windows 7 is now somewhat less frequent than it was in Vista but still present.
    • The controls were a mess from the moment I installed CMW in Windows 7 and customised them.
    • On a whim I copied over my customised user settings from the Vista installation of CMW to the appropriate folders in Windows 7, controls are still a mess.

    Have not tried using the controls without any customisation (basically leaving everything at the defaults) but at that point…

  • Vista and win 7 handle directX layer differently I think so my original suggestions still stand.
    No matter, Take your card out, put in a friend see if it still crashes.

    If you have any idea of how electronic circuit board logic works, then you can understand why I ask about your PSU, if you don’t know, then just accept that a dodgy PSU can ‘confuse’ the logic on the circuit boards if it is on the cusp of failing.

    You don’t want your PSU to fail, because there is a chance it can take out your entire system if it does, you want to catch that beforehand, perhaps this is your warning.

    PSU problems are hard to diagnose.

  • @Stelios:

    Yes, I have. I’ll save you the pasted paragraph of text from my first post.

    Haha, I should have reread the first post. That’s what I get for lack of sleep.

    It seems like it might be a hardware issues related to the SSD. If you have another drive, try installing it to there.

    I’m going to take a nap and when I wake up, I’ll use better brain function to figure this all out. :)

  • Thank you again, Keith. Unfortunately I started getting the graphical glitches before I bought the SSD and installed Windows 7.

  • So that eliminates that possibility.

    Does your motherboard have a built in graphics card?

  • No, it is an ASRock M3A770DE that has no on-board GPU.

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