Face of Mankind returns on Kickstarter!

  • Perhaps one of the greatest Sandbox MMO’s ever made, and flew under everyones radar. It was such an addicting game…

    I had some of my favorite moments in my history of gaming in that. Being an illegal arms dealer. Tricking the police & escaping. Just generally psych’ing out people in the Police zones by whipping out my gun then putting it away.

    Also, the dirty cops. Prison breaks. Raiding other factions HQ’s. Taking over cities. Random Alien infestations that forced everyone to work together, or we’d be overrun.

    There was fight clubs in peoples houses, and just the way housing worked was wonderful.

    One of my favorite moments is, I can remember running away from some cops or so(I was a Merc, I had my target and got him), warping into my House and seeing two guys standing there. They had hacked my apartment and were waiting for me. They were from a rival faction, and made some snarky comments, then mowed me down.

    Full loot PVP. Player run entirely. No real restrictions on what you can do. Then they released it to retail, with a monthly fee and well, it just kinda flopped because it wasn’t ready.

    One fun aspect is that if you forget to buy a Clone…your character can perma-die.

    I remember one time when some Police wanted to check my PP(Penalty Points, you get for killing someone), I was /dancing at the moment and I said I had to wait for the animation to finish. Then took off like a bolt of lightning as soon as it did, guns flying off in the backround as I ran for a teleporter and then ran from one to another, teleporting to a bunch of different places to throw them off my trail.

    Ah, the memories of the game that I played like an addict. IT was sad when it went retail, I tried it though, but barely anyone bought the game, and so it became a ghost town. IT just wasn’t ready to sell yet! If they had just waited…

    One time we took of Manhattan from the Police, and then we forced them outta New York too. They were confined to their HQ. We raided that, but met much resistance, and eventually were wiped out after a many hour long battle.

    It was never a pretty game, nor even a game with good shooter mechanics. But completely player run MMO’s…something so fun about them, especially if people play them right.

    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nex … e-dominion


    I can’t get the YouTube tags to work…

  • Fixed your youtube tag.

    Also, I love sandbox games, so I’ll have to check it out.

    Edit - This is SO weird. I saw your exact same post on the Darkfall forums :p
    [https://forums.darkfallonline.com/showt … -any-other](https://forums.darkfallonline.com/showthread.php?369037-Face-of-Mankind-Kickstarter-A-Sandbox-MMO-experience-unlike-any-other)

  • You’re over @ DF forums too, cool!

    I dunno why the tags wouldn’t work…I tried every variation I know of!

    Thanks! It is quite the game!

  • @Mkilbride:

    You’re over @ DF forums too, cool!

    I dunno why the tags wouldn’t work…I tried every variation I know of!

    Thanks! It is quite the game!

    Yeah kinda. I lurk, don’t really post ^^

    As for the tag, you don’t use the entire URL, just the part with the digits at the end like so: w_oZDriUURo

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