You can't see me!!! Best glitch EVER!!!

  • Invisibilty! Fuck yeah! Encountered a weird glitch where all of a sudden every player disappeared from veiw. Then they reappeared and i noticed the others players couldn’t see me! So off i went to the enemy spawn and killed them as they dropped down. Created mass confusion, they were spinning around trying to find that asshole who was whacking them. Killed about 15 enemies at their spawn before that inevitable votekick came my way. I hope it happens again sometime soon it was hillarious.

  • Of all the cool things you could do invisible, like inciting mobs and other fun stuff, you instead just choose to mindlessly slay enemies until booted…

    Man, if I were invisible, I’d wait for two players to leave spawn, hit the guy in front so he turns around and sees his friendly, and then they go on a TK spree over nothing. Or keep kicking archers every time they try to draw an arrow.

    So much fun to be had, instead of just mindless slaughter.

  • I just had the same thing its fucking hilarious.

    I didn’t get votekicked though as I didn’t kill anyone. Much.

    And the funny thing is they can still hear you.

    Walked up to a group of their enemy archers and laughed behind them. Two of them turn around and get out their secondary’s while the other ran for the hills.

    You can’t start two people to team kill each other. Especially when your an archer stand next to an archer and shoot someone on that archers team in the back at close range. That guy will turn around and take a swing at the archer. That’s when I killed a couple of people.

    Kicking people off catapults and ballistas is fun too.

    A few people got suspicious but no one knew it was me.

    Though next game I was visible again.

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