Push Mechanic

  • I was thinking it would be nice for there to be a passive function (meaning non button activated) that pushes people out of the way when you run into them. It doesn’t have to phase them like a kick, just move them out of the way a little. I believe it would do a lot for the realism to be able to squeeze by people more easily. I believe it would solve the face hug issue as well. It may also help with the invisible ceiling above everyone’s head that makes it so you just float on top of people.

  • I don’t think it should be passive… but adding a skill that used one of your hands would be cool… like shoving an enemy out of the way so that you could then attack the guy behind them… or like you said, dealing with face hugging… (understanding we have kick, we could have a shove function that would have a slightly different use).

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