[User Action Needed] - Crossbow Auto Reload bug

  • There is a bug in which you can make the crossbow reload way faster than it should, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it exactly. It involves some combo of hitting reload, throwing down the shield, and pulling the crossbow back out. I just remembered it today – at work and can’t try it right now, but thought I would post to see if anyone else had experienced it.

    When you do it correctly, it looks like your crossbow is not loaded, but hitting R will do nothing, and it will still fire (not sure if the hit will count or if its just the client that is confused on the state of it, but still knows not to fire an actual bolt, etc).

  • Thanks for reporting this! If you find the combination please post it here for developers to look into.

  • I have had this happen several times. I don’t know the exact combination, but…

    I know that if you

    1. fire the crossbow.
    2. stow it and switch to your secondary.
    3. do something combat related, (Parry? swing? get hit? hit someone? kill someone? Not sure which does it)
    4. and draw the crossbow again.

    It produces this effect. The crossbow is loaded, but there is no bolt visible in it. It can still be fired to kill someone, and it still uses ammo. I don’t know what causes it, but it does happen very often to me.

  • I can confirm that this also works with switching weapons to a secondary. I’ll give it some testing tonight, and once I confirm it, I will both post details and also go own a ton of people using it in the cheapest, dirtiest way possible (what are betas for if not bug exploiting!)

  • This happened to me.

    1. Shot the crossbow.
    2. clicked 3 right after it, putting down the pavise shield.
    3. It automaticly switches to your melee weapon, I just switched it back to bow and it was reloaded. Didn’t push the reload button at all.

  • Had this happen again. I shot the crossbow, switched to secondary weapon, and immediately switched back. Crossbow was reloaded.

    It doesn’t seem like any one thing causes this bug. Rather, it seems simply putting away the crossbow has a chance to cause this.

  • Yeah, all of the scenarios mentioned work “sometimes”, but not every time. Seems to happen on all three crossbow types.

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