[READ FIRST] Community Events Guidelines

  • **Community Events Guidelines
    Each month, we will host an official event that everyone is welcome to join. However if you’d like setup your own non-competitive events and contests, please follow the guidelines below to do so! These events and contests are just for fun! It’s up to you whether you choose to give prizes or not, but it is NOT a requirement, nor should it be expected.

    With that in mind, I’d like to direct you over to our guidelines, as a gentle reminder of how to treat your fellow members.

    **~ Can anyone organize an event?
    Anyone is welcome to create an event for the community. Please make sure you can follow through with your event, so people will want to join your events in the future.

    All events and contests are subject to approval. If your event is deemed unacceptable in some way, we will let you know via private message.

    **~ What are the guidelines to organizing an event?
    Community events & contests are to apply to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare only. This means, you don’t hold a contest for an outside game, facebook game, anime etc.

    Please give enough time for people to sign-up before the actual day of the event.

    If you are going to offer prizes, please state clearly what they are and when they will be given out. If you do not follow through with your stated prizes, you won’t be allowed to host an event again. Prizes are NOT mandatory. You can have a lot of fun without having to worry about prizes.

    **~ What kind of events can I organize?
    Some suggestions are: artwork contest, video contest, various in-game events, story contests, low gravitiy, slo-mo line battles and more! Keep in mind that all must be related to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare in some way, shape or form.

    Events can be a one time thing, weekly or monthly. If you have something you wish to do every week, then feel free to post that here, just make sure to continually keep your thread updated!

    **~ Other information
    Only events and contests held by Torn Banner will have “Official” in the subject title and will be stickied.

    Please remember to SEARCH the forum before you setup an event. We do not want multiples of the same kind of event going on at the same time.

    Most importantly, the point of community events is to have FUN and get together with your fellow community members and make new friends. Keep things light and not-so-serious and we’ll all have a good time. You don’t need to offer prizes to make things happen. People like to try out new things and if you can setup something fun for people to do, then you’ll get good involvement.


  • **Guidelines for Community Events

    These are just some very simple guidelines to follow when it comes to participating in events.

    1. Follow the rules of the event/contest

    2. Don’t be a troll

    3. Cheating in any way will get you banned

    4. Be respectful to your host and fellow participants

    5. HAVE FUN!

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