Archer Bugs

  • Heres a few bugs for the archer that i’ve noticed, i believe they also happen with thrown weapons in general.

    1. Thrown-Weapon switching bug: If you try to switch from a thrown weapon to a melee weapon and you are hit, one of two things will happen, either it gets interrupted and you don’t switch, or it switches the model and not the whole weapon.

    2. Reload and walk: I haven’t quite figured out what causes this, I believe its if you are out of ammo, and sprinting while you refill. What happens is, you get stuck in a walk speed that is slower than normal and when you sprint, you sprint at normal walk speed. This lasts for a couple of seconds.

    3. Sliding and reloading: I don’t know why this happens, or how it occurs, I think it only happens on certain maps from what I can tell. If you sprint while you reload the xbow, you can start sliding around the map while it reloads.

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