Duels Tournament

  • ThorlaxianGaming invites you to a Chivalry- BattleRoyale

    So basically there will be a largish roster depending on how many people want to participate since alot of people live in different time zones we will do them on going so that its convinient for everyone, people will be free to spectate, and talk, while tournaments are happening. this will be a DUAL BASED TOURNAMENT

    I would love to make 1st 2nd and 3rd prize things but alas i do not have the funding for it, so this will be just for fun :D unless someone msgs me for funding ;)

    You will be able to sign up for the tournament untill the 31st of May 2013

    Good luck to all


    to sign up all you need to do is join this steam page, and i will add you to the roster, and the tournament times will be posted there as well.


    if there are specific times you are available please also leave a comment on the group site.

    thanks for joining us heres the video of said tournament:


  • EU or NA?

  • the world

    edit meaning everyone

  • Where is the server located?

  • It will be wherever its best for people, sometimes it will be EU sometimes US

  • I would love to see more effort in constructing this tournament. Right now it’s hard for me to take seriously.

    Lack of structure, lack of rules, estimated schedules even.

    I’ll sign up if more information is posted.

  • well i dunno if you saw it,l but its not a serious tournament, i said its just for fun, Im doing this more for footage to put on my youtube channel

  • What if an european have to fight an american ? =/

  • shouldnt be too much of a problem, if the eu person has the better internet it will be on Us and vice versa, it should be fine, back in the Age of Chivalry days, i beasted with 150 ping so you should be fine

  • I’ll bite, but I suspect the guy with the highest ping will win.

  • @Del:

    I’ll bite, but I suspect the guy with the highest ping will win.

    The person with the highest ping has the most disadvantages.

  • @NoVaLombardia:


    I’ll bite, but I suspect the guy with the highest ping will win.

    The person with the highest ping has the most disadvantages.

    Apparently a person with high ping can exploit it so that their enemy can never block their attacks (trading off with the fact it’s harder for themselves to block) but can potentially give them a huge advantage depending on what they are using…For example, a laggy grand mace.

  • so far it seems like it will be a small tournament, I hope more of you decide to join a fun and friendly tournament

  • Sure, why not. I’m in.

    EDIT: I had to opt out because i thought the CU1 Patch 2 would be released before the tournament had begun.

  • The person with the highest ping has the most advantages if he is constantly attacking. He is at a disadvantage if he is on the defensive more often than not.

    Anyhow, it’s just for fun without prizes so I’ll join, why not. There are still issues with the game itself so it can’t really be too serious yet anyways.

  • I’ll give it a shot though I have no idea how well I’ll do. Seems like a friendly enough environment to try the whole competitive thing out though :D

  • Well, i’m guessing the first round already ended, sorry for being a no-show, internet took a dive and became so choppy I couldn’t really get online. Sorry and good luck to the rest of you.

  • My apologies as well, I must’ve misread somewhere since I thought the tournament would be today. Heh, got everything done the night before so I’d have time today only to check the group and notice all the announcements were made yesterday. Ah well, hope it was a fun time and hopefully I’ll make the next one. :)

  • Thanks for everyone who came, for those who couldnt make it, we will host another tournement in the future, here is the video of last nights tournament


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