Audio bug with catapult clicks

  • It seems to happen randomly.

    The catapult will play the audio it uses for clicks, but sometimes it will add in clicks randomly throughout the pull-back, making it very confusing when trying to listen in order to gauge the correct distance.

  • Very annoying indeed, makes trying to accurately fire the catapult much more difficult than it already is.

    The worst thing about it is how frequently the glitch occurs… almost feels like the glitchy clicking occurs more often than the normal, accurate clicking.

  • The number of clicks and the time between them changes frequently when changing servers. So when using the catapult you cannot learn the exact number of clicks for a distance because it varies and that for me is the biggest problem with the catapult. The full number of clicks varies from around 5 to 8. If I remember right this problem appeared after the first patch.

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