Make weapon release speeds more intuitive

  • At the moment for a lot of weapons, the beginning of release is much faster than the rest, while the end of release is incredibly slow

    I think it would make more sense if there wasn’t as much speed difference in different parts of release

    What I’m talking about, using the greatsword as an example:
    Greatsword overhead release-
    Greatsword overhead release in beta-

    I had 62 fps in each of the images and each green tracer line seems to represent where the weapon is at each frame

    There were about 35 green tracer lines drawn for the release in the current build (not beta) and just over half of them were in the last section of release, making overheads absurdly good for mouse dragging at the end of release

    Intuitively it seems that the beginning of release should be much slower than the rest

    Lowering release times in the beta doesn’t feel like it would achieve too much if the release speed differences don’t also change, it just serves to make instant overheads more instant and you can still drag as effectively

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