Friendly fire and Beta Patch 2

  • First let me say that I love your game TB!
    You did a great job, and hit a very nice balance between realism and good gameplay.
    While there are issues with the game itself the only thing that makes me turn it off is lag, sadly that happens quite regulary, but theres always to possibility to search for a new server when the old one starts lagging (imo because someone joined whos has a bad connection to me).

    Now while I like most changes introduced in the new beta patch, theres one thing that I dislike:

    Why the hell do ally hits hinder your swinging less than enemies does? While this happens often in 2on1 (or worse) situations where the 2 guys shouldnt get much help, it makes it impossible for realism-lovers like me to set up a realistic server cause this will probably not be an option.

    Its nice that there is the ability to turn down teamdamage if you want to, but I think there should also be the option to have an allies strike act exactly the same as an opponents. For the same reasons Im not a big fan of the chase mechanic, but I see that its needed. This on the other hand is not important imo and just destroys the option of having a realism near server…

  • There is a beta feedback section on this forum. Though I don’t quite follow what your point is.

  • Agreed fully. The separate ruleset for hitting teammates simply has to go.

  • @Martin:

    Agreed fully. The separate ruleset for hitting teammates simply has to go.


  • This change was made for the sake of consistency. Being hit by an ally does not flinch you - but being hit in release by an ally would prevent you from comboing, after we added that to the game. So ally flinch was only happening sometimes, now it never happens.

    But this is a good point that has been brought up a bit in the past. I’m curious to know just how many people feel this way - obviously all of the old AoC vets are fully in support of 100% FF and every hit acting the same way, but it might not be what’s best for the whole community. Perhaps something that could be a server setting.

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