Utilize the battlecry to increase the speed of health regen

  • I came across this topic recently:

    My solution to the problems they have with health regen is to make the battlecry do what crouching does for stamina. When someone uses the battlecry, it would make health regen start immediately and make health increase at a faster rate.

    The mechanic would also be pretty balanced since the battlecry can’t be used mid-combat. Additionally the battlecry would make death a less preferable way of getting health back.

    So what are your thoughts?

  • The biggest problem is if you have a strong defense team standing at the objective they could fully regenerate before the next wave of attackers came in. So unbalanced teams would become even more so.

  • That makes perfect sense. I guess we should scrap my idea haha.

  • I think this would make more sense if there was such a thing as morale, to regain it or get a morale boost when doing a battle cry. But this is a multiplayer game only and human players don’t have morale (at least not morale governed by a game anyway)

  • Nay m’lord.

  • I dont like it.

    Apart from balance and teamplay issues, a battlecry is supposed to be done when you charge the enemy, since you wont regain health during a fight it would lead to people battlecrying before they rest, stupid imo…

  • Battlecries for effect was awesome in Diablo 2, it would be awesome in CMW as well. Each battlecry should provide some effect. Allow a disable option on servers for those that want to play stock and it would work fine.

    A battlecry that could slow a bot charge on CTF would be cool, health regen, speed up, etc…so many options.

    The problem this community has is there is a side that wants the stock, closest to reality game and a side that wants something more modded towards Unreal. Just put the options in with the option to disable and we all win…

  • i think just health to need regenerate morre quick
    it’s so many long time for regenerated that isn’t effect on the game…

  • may be need bloked regeneration 20 secondes after an enemy blow and full speed regeneration then when the player is safety
    but actualy it’s terrific for regenerated…

  • … and why we cant renerated health when we run ? the game can make morre litle regeneration when we run…

  • @lorenzu:

    … and why we cant renerated health when we run ? the game can make morre litle regeneration when we run…

    because you would constantly be healing?

  • When you walk you heal normaly, why not heal just less when you run… certainly the healing is thinking for better game, so then i dont know…

  • The problem with using battlecry to be used as anything but a battlecry is that you’ll now have to give it a cool down time. If it had an effect then everyone would use it all time.

    However, with that being said, if there was a cool down time then I’d use it for objectives. If you were at an objective, whether releasing prisoners, breaking down doors, or whatever the task is at hand, if you use the battlecry, you will get a 5-10% increase in speed of completing the task.

    To balance that out, you can have either the defensive team respawn a little faster if they use battlecry or maybe use battlecry to increase the time needed for the attacking team to complete the adjective.

    There’s many ways you can apply the battlecry. I think that maybe inserting something aside from the battlecry would work best, so that way we can still run around screaming and have something else to utilize upon the battlefield.

  • I think Rising Storm makes nice use of their battlecry, wherein when you do a Bansai charge with multiple teamates, your stamina decreases at a slower rate.

    Something group based may make a nice addiction, whether it’s slight damage protection, increased run speed, or something along those lines. That way you can’t abuse it on your own, and it encourages team play.

    Maybe it could even make all enemy archers shooting at you get scared and become way more innacurate (but this may be biased due to my hate of archers).

  • I think that the battlecry should increase your speed rather than health. very low, of course sutch as 1%.

    If teamamtes battlecry simultaneosly your speed will increase even more so = morale boost.

    Maybe later in the game they add a flag weapon for the vanguard which increases speed & stamina for a period of time after battlecrying

    Those are my thoughts tough

  • For a while I thought that the stationary animated battlecry already did give you a small health boost. It just seemed that whenever I stopped to do one I’d see my health regenerate a notch, but I guess it was just because I had stopped moving.

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