The Baldy has been sighted in Blade Symphony

  • Just got the game the other night.

    Played one random match, quit out to change some settings, joined another server.

    DOing it’s whole “Intro” thing to who you are fighting, and I see “JackBaldy; Global Rank 2”

    I go “Oh no, not you…”

    Some spectator laughs. Having zero experience i proceed to be decimated in every way possible it is in that game. I fight for 2+ hours, trying to beat him, not even winning one round. Other players came and went, trying to beat him, but could not either. Guy’s a beast.

    The #1 guy I thought would be pretty fearsome, but going to the BS forums, and looking at the Leaderboard…pretty obvious what’s been happening. JB has like 1200 wins, 100 losses. The #1 guy has 2666 wins, and 140 losses. More than double JB’s…cmon, no man can be that beastly. Looking at their forums, seems his friends let him kill them to get his rank up - now that’s lame. :P

    Still, it’s funny, I just remember playing with him / against him in Chivalry, and the Team he was on, was the winning Team in Chivalry.

    In BS - it seems, that fighting The Baldy results in death. So much so, that most people refuse to fight him. Weirdest part is I can’t tell how he is doing it. I went on to win every match against like 4 other guys for an hour, but I still couldn’t get him more than half-way.

    The Legend of The Baldy lives on, in other games. I wonder what he’ll go to after BS? It’s strange, never heard of him til Chivalry, but now when I see him in a game - I know i am going to lose. He seems like he’d be real big into E-Sports like this.

    By the way, he’s actually really cool, never saw him talk in Chivalry, but he was on Mic in BS and was overall incredibly relaxed and kept correcting mistakes you’d make.

    I fought the #11 guy today and managed to beat him twice, to which he start flipping the fuck out and rage quitted. I beat the Rank #30 guy a few times and he just kept talking on his mic like “Man, I just don’t want to deal with this today…”

    So, I’d say, considering He’s Rank #2 and he never bitches, that’s cool.

  • Cool story bro

    Invite him back to Chivalry so I can kick his ass then

  • Win% only shows who beats the most noobs.

    PSR is designed to show your skill level at a competitive level (when your win% is 50%), if your win% is 60% or above, you have a smurf account and play too many bad players.

  • Oh, now I remember that name. Took a bit to jog my memory.

    Jack Baldy was the guy the Mindcrackers were complaining about him being too good when everyone was just starting out at the game, right? And I swear I saw his name on these forums ages ago.

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  • @Daiyuki:

    Cool story bro

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