Mountain map.

  • I had the idea of a mountain map for king of the hill. At the top of the mountain there would be weapons (trebuchets, giant Indiana Jones style rocks) and the opposing teamwould have to dodge them and reclaim the mountain. You could even have a team objective where you have to kill the king and the king is on top. Anyway, I know you guys are busy patching CU1, but I just thought it would be good to sound off my ideas before I forget.

  • I would love to be at the top of the mountain and be able to throw things at the people trying to climb up. That would be hilarious xD

    I’d probably be laughing so hard I’d fall off the mountain though :<

  • Mountain is OP!

  • Lol, yea.

    Actually Id love to see rock throwing and ladder climbing animations be added later on when the devs can find time. Would be nice to have a siege scenario with piles of rocks on the wall to throw down an those poor attackers. Ofc it would be a huge advantage to the defenders, so maybe make it a TDM where they get half the tickets or something like that…

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