Corpses unsynchronized

  • When I see other players dismembering a corpse they often slash a few centimeters / meters next to where I see the corpse, still the bodypart will come off. So it seems they see the corpse lying on a different spot. This happens often (if not always) and takes away some of the immersion for me.

  • Corpses are client side, not server side. This is why you can have 50 corpses on your screen, but someone else might only have 20, or choose to disable them completely due to strain on the system.

  • This is actually something that makes me very sad on a regular basis.

  • Still the server says “that guy died on that spot” doesn’t it? Does the client play random death animations?

    Edit: The dismemberment is synchronized, so it should be possible to synchronize the position of the corpses be too.

  • It would be nice if corpse positions were synchronised. Looks pretty silly at the moment since people like to disrespect corpses pretty often, and the corpse is almost always desynchronised by a fair distance.

  • Developer

    The server informs the client, at some point, that it can disconnect its instance of the character from the server and run the character itself. From that point on, it’s the client’s responsibility and has nothing to do with the server.

    We do that because a ragdolling player is expensive to keep synchronized between client and server. Normally, all you have to keep in sync is which animation is playing (and how far along it is), position, and rotation. When a character ragdolls, you also have to keep every single joint sync’d, and the server has to run a more expensive physics simulation on it (and spending CPU cycles on the server needlessly is bad). I think the benefits outweigh the slight drawbacks.

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