Question about throwing axes

  • I have frequently noticed that when I am about to throw my second axe and take a hit, it won’t throw the axe. I’m suspecting the animation for throwing the axe got interrupted by the damage I took and the axe got thrown, but instead of switching to my primary weapon, it keeps the throwing axe crosshairs up and I can’t do anything. I have to manually switch, but since I have just taken damage, it frequently winds up with me getting killed before I can get my weapon out. I’m not sure if this happens when one axe is left in my belt or just on the second axe. Just wondering if others have experienced this and if there is a chance this will get changed?

  • It’s bugged when you get hit <at some="" point="">with throwing axes out (could be windup, could be recovery, or both). I’ve also been hit when trying to throw my first throwing axe, only to be forced to my primary and effectively ‘told’ I don’t have a second by disallowing me to switch.</at>

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