Picked up flag keeping weapon drawn.

  • I was playing Capture the flag on a Games On Net server a couple of nights ago.
    One of my teamates snatched the enemies flag and returned it almost to our base but got killed and I being close managed to “pick it up” but my weapon (maa Norse sword) was selected instead.
    It was really awkward because I was running around attacking and killing Very successfully (with the norse sword) while my team were yelling at me to stay near the flag stand to capture it. Apparently everyone else could see me holding the flag… while on my screen it was definitely the norse sword.

    If it helps, it happened to me when my teammate got killed and I was throwing my last knife as I picked up the dropped flag.

    I can upload screenshots, but it only shows me holding a norsesword and teamchat telling me I have the flag.

    EDIT: I also did capture the flag btw, just to confirm that I wasn’t being trolled by everyone :P .

  • I’ve met several players capable of intentionally reproducing this bug every time they grabbed the flag, although they refused to give a hint as to how it was done whenever I asked them, and nothing I’ve been able able to think of has set it off.

    The flag icon is on them, and they can drop the flag at will, but the flag itself is nowhere to be seen and they have their regular weapon equipped.

    Back when the Quarterstaff was still glitched so that dodging off ledges holding sprint with it shot you so fast you essentially flew I’d occassionally see players grab the flag, pull off the glitch to pull out their Quarterstaff and then sail back to base like we were playing Tribes Ascend or something.

  • We’re aware of an issue letting players switch weapons when they shouldn’t be able to, but it’s very odd that you managed to trigger it by mistake. It’s something you should need a specific console bind for.

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