[Reported ] - Ping issue

  • Hi

    I have high pings on every server for no reason. For example on the uk server, right now i have a ping of 150+.

    What i don’t understand is that i’m in france and in all other games, i’m never highter than 60. It’s only in this game that my ping is so high. It’s not a connection issue.

    First, i tough this problem could touch every french but it doesn’t. Somes of my friend have high ping like me and others have theirs normal ping.

    I tough it could be from my computer but there is only in this game that i have that issue. Even russian players got a better ping…

    I just don’t know what to do. Can’t seem to find a solution :/

  • I think, a lot of french people have problem with ping.
    One friendly who live in Paris have +150 ping, and me, in south of france have 40-50 ping… On German server !

  • im from the west of france and i have 150 ping too but sometimes i have 40-60, i don’t know why

  • Server performance is something that is currently being worked upon, it will get better! Also from the previous patch steps have been taken to improve performance 8-)

  • That what i was afraid of… The “only a server performance issue” thing.

    This is a problem that concern only french players… It’s not a a general perfomance issue and i don’t think that improving the performance will improve the situation for the French players.

    For exemple, we played on the uk server yesterday with Tibberius(i think it was him). All the guys with worst ping than his were french … And he is from us(if i’m not wrong). It’s just not normal.

    It’s not a common server perfomance issue, it’s specific to a country (or seem to be so):/
    There are no servers with a ping less than 150 for most of the french players i know.

  • Could the players say what internet provider they are using…

    My provider is Orange and don’t have any problem (better other game lol)

    My friendly in Paris use Free and have 150+ ping

  • I’m on Free too and i tough it was from them but another guy i know whoses provider is Free has no ping issue :/

  • And your region ? And region of your friend ?

  • i played right now, vs french guy
    our ping between 52-56 … super … but server was too laggy too play decently. germany server TDM

  • French guy ? Living in France ?

  • yep

  • Can you ask the city where he lives and his internet provider please ?

  • provider : Orange
    localisation : MArseille


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