[KNIGHT] Kite Knight in open play modes. Edited*

  • SO I really didnt keep this concise and filled it with waffle, got no replies. So…. Edit :).

    Kite Knight. Open Play. 1h Weapons. Longsword for dragging and secondaries. My strength is 1v1s.

    “What should the TACTICAL niche in the team be, based on the weapon choice and playstyle?”

    I dont often feel like ive got a plan, if that makes sense - should I work at the objective or go on ahead and hold off the enemy? Go in as a wrecking ball or poke from the sides? Flank or hold up for others to flank? As a shield knight, am I a high scorer or an unsung workhorse for the team? Who should I be prioritising to attack? I know its somewhat subjective, but insight will be appreciated.

    “General tips that everyone should know in open play, and general tips for improvement”.

    Any odd gems of experience for all playstyles. How to approach being charged by two players, etc.

  • So im going to tentatively bump this in the hope it gets a reply now the endless bullshit has been snipped… I apologise, though.

  • Hi,
    from my experience kite knights go usually very heavy on the objective, your position is more defensive, but that doesn´t mean you should not attack, you need to find windows and openings.
    Even by simply staying with your team in the front line with your shield up you´re helping a lot:
    you can defend your teammates, block multiple strikes and provide vanguards with their huge weapons cover.
    If you can learn to play with the tower shield, much more power to you. You can then defend half your team against archers. For example I used to pick the tower shield on Stoneshill for the last objective. I ran with the shield up and half of the team ran right behind me and took no damage.

    As for the weapon choice, I would not recommend going 1H longsword, slow combos and little damage, you will almost always have to 4 shot knights. I recommend either the broadsword or the morning star

  • Well, I have a bit of experience with shield but not too much, however VengefulViking plays almost exclusively shield Knight and his vision for it is to go in there, draw attention, survive as long as he can and strike quickly (generally with Norse Sword, War Hammer vs a Knight) if he has an opening.

    That way you support your team and since you’re immune to feints and combos (because of that really fast weapon being able to sneak in hits between most 2Her combo times) you are quite good 1v1 as well. Just gotta practice swinging that shield around and then pulling it up at the last second, similar to a parry. Most shield users that I have seen make the mistake of holding it up for way too long; your turn speed is capped while you’re holding it up and you’re vulnerable to a kick as well.

  • Much appreciated guys! :). I’ve been trying to act as more of a ‘road block’ as recommended, fighting a lot more ‘clever’, a lot more conservatively than before - and its been working great. Despite the short reach, i’ve been finding the raw power of the falchion to be most effective for me in multicombat scenarios so far, closely followed by the broadsword.

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