Friend Tagging

  • I am not certain if this is already in the game since I’m not in beta but if not…

    Can there be a way to easily see friends you are playing with, without having to do “marco-polo” on voice chat.

    Like in mount and blade you could pick a banner so that made it easy to know who your friend is. Let’s say I am playing an archer and want to cover my melee friend’s back as they progress forward in battle, how will I know who they are from a crowd of people?

  • You’ll just keep eye contact with them?

    Artificial stuff like floating banners and names should stay at M&B, this is an immersive game.

  • It doesn’t have to be a floating magical banner you know.

    It is probably difficult to tell who is who if you have a bunch of people that look exactly alike. You’re talking about convenience/fun vs realism in this case. For your own immersion experience, a tagging feature could probably be turned off in the options, as is available in many games. Or this feature could be off by default so people that desire it may turn it on. There’s ways to make everyone happy in this case.

    It can be anything like having a banner showing on your shield or backside. Knights did actually have that, it was to show others whom they are since pictures did not exist.

    Or not a banner at all, just a tiny bit of customization. Often in many games I can tell whom my friend is by seeing what their char looks like if I can see a very distinct feature on them. I don’t see a problem with making the game more friendly to a wider range of people. Most online games I can think of come with some kind of feature to tell who the people you are playing with are from the rest of the lot.

    There’s lots of ways to implement a feature to see your friends. They could make it so you select your friend specifically and they will have a marker on them that is invisible to other players.

    You don’t have to worry about “X” being changed because it will mess up “Y”, since these suggestions go to the dev’s which can do whatever they see fit. :)

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