Bug with title screen

  • I have been playing chivalry a lot recently but to my dismay I have encountered a bug.
    this is the first major bug I have found as of yet and I have not found any forum threads on the description or any thing at all.basically the game starts up as usual until the title screen where every thing is white. it allows me to join servers still but it again still is whited out. This does not occur on any other programs on my computer.

  • I’m bumping this up since it sounds like what I’m experiencing.

    I’ve been away from Chivalry for months, but started playing again the last couple of days. This never occured in the earlier versions I used to play. I attached two screens, one of the menu (with the background completely gone), the other in-game (world is visible but very washed out and bright). It doesn’t seem to happen the first time after computer is restarted, but it happens on subsequent start-ups pretty consistently.

    The brightness only seems to affect the game world, not ui elements.

  • Ok, now the game world is completely white/grey, too…

  • What graphic card do you have?

  • I have a 275 gtx
    Win7 64

    I just noticed there was a new driver released a few days ago. I doubt that will solve it, but I guess it’s worth a try.

  • Actually, you’d be surprised, just updating your graphic driver can do a lot. Hopefully it’s just that. :D

  • Lol, so far so good, actually. :D I’ll give it a couple of days and see if it holds up.

    Maybe updating the driver will help the op, too, if he hasn’t tried it already.

  • It should last. I’m glad it worked for you.

    Now there’s one thing you HAVE to do……

    Enjoy the game. :D

  • It didn’t hold up after all… It was ok for a couple of days and now it’s back.

    I did however find a post on steamcommunity that suggested the problem occurs when you turn off light shafts. I turned light shafts on, and the background came back. Let’s see if it holds this time.

  • Aaand it’s back again. Now turning light shafts on/off does nothing. Funny how both of these things that seemed like ‘fixes’ helped for two days.

  • Lets try something.

    Go to your Documents folder then My Games then delete the Chivalry folder. Run the game and tell me what happens.

  • Ok, I tried it. As expected I had to reapply settings. It started up with the background, but in window mode etc. I set most things to pretty low or off, since my computer struggles with the bigger maps. When I was done, the screen turned white. I turned light shafts on, and the background was back again. After playing around with settings, and starting the game up a bunch of times to see what makes the game startup with a white screen, I noticed that changing both the light shaft and depth of field values can bring about or remove the white screen. But I can’t see the logic or reproduce it consistently, it seems to happen when it wants to.

  • Turn dynamic lights and light beams off in your in-game video settings.

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