I want to..

  • I want to make things and get ready so I can start making cool stuff for chivalry. BUT I HAVE NO SKILLS IN ANYTHING!

    I see alot of suggestions and only little modders so far. SO can anyone suggest what I need to learn?
    Right now im learning blender and made some crappy stuff in it but i’m sure theres more things I need to do!

    I feel so useless.

  • If you want to learn any of the different aspects to making things for Chivalry, here’s a few starter points:

    3D Modeling

    Blender works, Zbrush is a good program as well. You’ll be able to create models that you’ll be able to put in game. Zbrush does cost a bit of money, not as expensive as other programs, so if you have the money or a way of getting yourself a copy, that works. If you want something that is free, then I suggest to stick with Blender and work from there.



    Since Chivalry runs off of Unreal Engine. The best programming language to learn for this is UnrealScript. The company has a lot of documentation on it for you to be able to read through to get a good understanding. Also, there are lots of tutorials on Youtube.


    Modes/Maps/Inserting content

    If you want to take all those 3D Models or make maps or anything else really and make them as content you can put into the game, the best tool for that is UDK. UDK is the free tool set from Unreal, that allows you to make your own games and content. It’s free and has tutorials on it as well. You’ll definitely need the UDK to be able to use the SDK files so definitely make sure you download this.



    Granted I’m not an audio person myself, the few recommendations I’d make is Audacity (free), Adobe Audition (not free), and FL Studio (not free). You can get trials of the latter to see if you like them, but Audacity is a good place to start. It’s simple, you can do a lot and most of all, it is free as mentioned.



    If you don’t want to use your 3D Modeling program to texture your models or if you can’t en I’d suggest using a different program. Some of the more well known ones are Photoshop (not free), Paint Shop Pro (not free) and GIMP (free). If you can get your hands on a copy, I’d suggest Photoshop, maybe even try out the trial. However, if you’re looking for what is free and works well then get GIMP.


    Using any of these tools, depending on what you want to do or maybe use them all together to create a whole bunch of things will help you create content for Chivalry. As of currently, the SDK files, which are the files that you need to be able to insert custom content. I’d suggest picking what you want and start learning. Eventually you’ll gain enough knowledge and experience to start creating your own stuff.

    Good luck and enjoy. :)

  • Hah- I think Keith pretty much covered it for you!

    My advice would be to pick 1 and focus on that.

    Are you creative/like drawing or coming up with characters? Then maybe start with the 3D modelling. If not, and you’re more analytical, why not try programming or, as Keith’s suggested, learning a scripting language like Unreal Script!

  • fuck it sounds like a lot of work !

  • @gregcau:

    fuck it sounds like a lot of work !

    It is a lot of work. It’s like learning any new thing, you start with the basic tools and you learn those. As you progress you figure out how to better use those tools to create what you want. Eventually you become one with your tools and you yourself become the tool to produce things that others can admire and by inspired by.

  • Thanks! And I decided to stick with maybe modelling and texturing with blender.
    I made these chairs today after watching some tutorial! I want to make more stuff!

    first chair I made




  • Good stuff so far. While you’re at it, could you make me a throne and a crown? :)

  • AAAAGGGHH! I couldnt afford to make a nice throne.
    So I made a wooden one for you.


  • @Glboom:

    AAAAGGGHH! I couldnt afford to make a nice throne.
    So I made a wooden one for you.


    Hahahaha, that’s awesome and made my day.

    Btw, there’s a contest going in Community Events, you may want to check out.

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