EU archer free servers?

  • i know there are some out there. anyone know which eu servers are archer free? please give server name and ip if possible.
    played on one the other night and the game played SOOOOOOOOO much better without them. but i can’t find it again.
    thank you

  • i would imagine the word archer is somewhere in the title if they’ve done that… maybe search for the word archer in the browser.

    Also if you’re not strapped for cash, you could always get your own. Not sure what kind of hosting providers you guys have across the bathtub

    A while back I posted about a No Archer Weekend i had on my old server… Result: it was a shitton of fun, i like archers being in the game and have no issue with them being there, yes they’re annoying at times… but having the no archers was SOOO fun to me at least, just having full on melee combat… less a few projectiles here and there

  • Every server should be archer free.

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