We Will Hold - Ingame Screenshots!

  • We Will Hold!

    Standing tall, yet somewhat nervous inside the echoing stones of our castle, I gazed at the impressive, yet alarming sight as dozens of Agathan soldiers rushing out into the grounds outside of the castle. I remember seeing the fear, anxiety and rage on the faces of those in the swarm, clearly now knowing the fate of their souls, yet prepared to give all for their king, country and people.

    Already seeing the thick smoke from our village, we knew, yet tried to brush off the fact that they may get through our walls, threatening the core survival of our empire. With our coat of arms in jeopardy, I naturally felt the urge to begin facing our fate on the other side of our main gate….

    Seeing less and less soldiers running through our walls into the abyss; hearing more catapult-hurled rocks crashing against our defences and hearing the cries very close from the other side of the gate, we all knew fate was coming closer by the minute. Few but brave, we prepared and got into stance on the other side of the fine line between life and death.

    Gradually more and more loyal royal king guard started fortifying themselves behind the portcullis, holding their shields high in a tight, well formed line.

    In such a mental state of survival, I could feel the cold chills penetrate my plated armour into the soft flesh and bone beneath; in those moments I felt that step closer to death with the penetrating sound of their ram smashing against our gate with tremendous force. Not only did we hear it, we felt the vibration force through the walls, ceiling and floors. At this point the adrenaline became to much… our weapons thrusted straight in the air followed by a tremendous sound of war cries…

    Another strike from the ram came shortly after the first and any settled dust was forced off into the atmosphere. Moments later we heard the sound of oil descending from the wall above down into the ram below, followed by outrageous screams!

  • Nice one! Is that some AI bots glitched on the gate?

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