Back and forth maps

  • To be honest this was inspired by the persistant siege mode thread.

    While that idea sounds interesting there might be a lot of problems involved in creating it, so I came up with an easier to do, tuned down version:

    How about not limiting advancement in one direction?

    Like in Dark Forest theres the start point where mason starts pushing the wagon and the end point where they slay the royal family. Instead why not have a new map where you would start in the middle?

    While I dont want to get Dark Forest changed Ill use it as an example to make it clearer:
    Lets assume you could push the wagon into both directions, with each team having a royal family to defend at their end. Of course it makes little sense getting the corpses out of the water and onto the wagon again if the defenders should push back the attackers, but the idea might work well for a new map made for this mode.

    I would enjoy greatly that you would not need a timelimit for this kind of map, since right now TOs are always fought against the clock…

  • I very much like this idea, and am absolutely sure a modder will make something similar to what you’re talking about.

  • Sounds like a great idea to have the objective go either way. I too dislike the fact that every gamemode except TDM is time based. I remember back in the old days we used to play call of duty whatever gamemode set to 500 kills per team or 1000. That was a ton of fun.
    Especially FFAs in Chivalry should be longer, perhaps first player to reach 100 kills wins?

  • Yeah, why not? This will certainly be easy to mod.

    I’ll have my persistent siege mode anyways ;P

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