[SOLVED] server list wont cooperate

  • Hello, i would like to request your backup,
    the thing looks like this:
    -havent played chivalry for around 2 months
    -updated and launched
    -list of servers composes of 7-8 empty servers, changing filters doesnt change a thing
    -searching forums
    -setting steam to beta-> completed updating-> launched chivalry-> nothing changes->
    downloaded masterserver2.vdf placed it in place-> nothing changes-> imprecating like mad didnt make a change either
    -ok, i will just reinstall-> reinstallation complete, doesnt work, did everything mentioned above+ messing with filters-> no effect-> turned off firewall, checked antivir-> still nothing so i’ve decided to ask for advice in here

    inb4- i have tried ReMixx’s Alternate Server Browser, it found servers, but wouldnt connect to them- just stays in the main screen.

    ALSO edit* When i am trying to join my friends to whom the search does work i get the message
    “You cannot join the match because the host has downloadable content you do not”
    i have found this just seconds after posting the original thing.

  • Ok i might be a retard in the first place but i’ve fixed it by
    -right clicking on Chivalry Medieval Warfare in steam library-> settings-> BETA-> cancelling all beta participation and downloading the update again. (after all the steps mentioned before)

    I wasnt assuming it was it, because beta was another application in library so why would it interfere with the original one?

    You can delete the topic, or let it be in here if any1 finds this helpful ;)

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