Change functioning for STOP FRENETIC VOTE

  • I am so fed up with voting ! the players vote to any contrariety and three-quarters of the votes to expel ask players with only 10 or 20 percent damage to their team (Apparently some have not realized that they were playing a free for all game) Became a real polution for game and players wrongfully ejected .
    I ll like it be impossilbe to vote against a player with less than 35 per cent damage to his team…

    Your opinion ?

  • Well once a troll was attacking me, so I got mad and killed him. Then he cast a vote on me which had 100% team damage. Everyone jumped to conclusions and voted me off. However lets look at a honest player who never hit a teammate but he went AFK so people tried to vote him off. But they couldn’t, win a round because he was AFK. When his team is murdered, they always win because he is AFK. I like the idea, but make it where you can vote off people who have been idle for at least 5 minutes.

  • People with 20% team damage are usually a team killer. 35% is a bit high.

    Most people have under 10%.

    Deliberate team wounders are in between 10-20. That’s also the margin where careless players are.

    If you get 30% you are just plain incompetent or more likely deliberately team killing people.

    And if at the start of a game and someone votekicks you with 100% team damage bitterly complaining about it usually leads to you staying as long as the people on the server aren’t arseholes. Just try and refrain from killing him. Just block him all the time. Often your team will help you. Or if he kills you you can initiate a votekick.

  • I support this.

    Given how easy it is to accidentally kill a teammate in this game, you should need inflict upwards of 2.5 teamkills worth of damage to be kicked.

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