King vs. King Mode.

  • Maybe it’s been suggested before and got buried, but…

    I think it would be awesome to have a “King vs. King” gameplay mode. Both teams have a king, and the team which loses its king first, loses.

    I’ll leave you guys to sort out the particulars and what not, but I think it would be an easily added interesting gameplay mode.

  • Hey that is a nice idea! While I appreciate your idea maybe it could be a alternate dueling mode?

  • @Thatoneguy5314:

    Hey that is a nice idea! While I appreciate your idea maybe it could be a alternate dueling mode?

    a duel king v king would be boring because of king’s high resistance (all classes have 100 hp but different resistances).

    However, the OP suggests a game mode where there is a team of players and a randomly selected king (maybe the highest ranked person on the team?). Whoever kills the other king first wins.

  • King v King duel would literally just a really really drawn out Knight v Knight duel. Very boring.

    The game mode could be called “Regicide” (or “Assassination” if you’re boring), and if we want to be able to explain the story then objective messages could refer to the Kings as “Leaders”, so that we don’t have to explain how two Kings met on the battlefield.
    Of course Leaders could still use the King model and health scheme. It’d still be Malrick vs Argon.

    Here’s my idea for selecting the King/Leader:
    At the start of a match a 20 second timer begins and a random player from each team becomes Leader, and for every player a message across the centre of the screen says
    “Leaders assigned. Leaders may hit pageup to give away leadership to a random
    teammate, or type /give playername to assign a specific player as Leader.”

    The /give command could be disabled in the last 5 seconds, to prevent people from intentionally forcing someone who they know doesn’t want to be Leader to be Leader.

    After that, everyone spawns in and it starts playing a lot like CTF in the balance of attack vs defence, only instead of trying to grab a flag you’re trying to kill a player.

    As for the Leaders’ weapons, IMO Malrick is a lot worse off, since all 3 of his weapons are the slowest of their kind (Maul, Messer, Morning Star) which makes them pretty bad for defensive fighting, whereas Argon’s Longsword and War Axe are very good for self-defence (though the Battleaxe is probably worse than anything Malrick has).

    Maybe to make things interesting we could give both Leaders a Greatsword, a Pole Axe and a Flanged Mace… but that’s just one suggestion.

    Maybe there could be a means of letting the leader choose their own loadout in the first 10 seconds of the match? Primary any Vanguard primary, Secondary any Knight primary, and Tertiary any MaA primary. Maybe also give the option of replacing the Vanguard Primary with a Buckler shield?
    Don’t have to worry much about balance; since both sides get a Leader he can afford to be OP.

    The game mode could use all the existing Team Deathmatch maps.

  • I like the idea of a regicide gamemode. It could work a bit like LTS, only both teams are able to respawn for as long as their king is still alive.

    To balance it they would probably have to allow loadout selection for the people playing as the kings. Being able to take any two knight primaries might be a bit overpowered, although they’re supposed to be stronger than other classes so it should balance out fine.

  • Sorry, I probably wasn’t clear enough originally. It’s similiar to what Dibbz is saying, both teams have a king, but it’s not a duel, it’s the entire team.

    Both teams would have to decide if they want to attack all together, defend, or what. First team who’s king dies, loses. It could be randomly selected at the beginning of the round, and after a certain amount of rounds that team wins the match.

    I love when a map has the “kill the VIP” aspect about it, but I think it’d be even better when both teams have a VIP.

    Edit: I’m not trying to make this too complicated, it’s essentially team deathmatch, except both sides have 1 king, and the goal is to kill the opposing king first. In terms of balance, it should be balanced already if both teams have a king.

  • I think a sort of a TDM/LTS with 2 kings, and infinite respawns til the teams king dies - is a great idea.

    Chiv NEEDS more little game modes like this alongside new maps to keep it breathing. Whilst we’re on the topic… doubles duel mode… ;)

  • 2v2 Duel and Regicide would both be greatly welcome game mode additions.

  • I’m a lore kinda guy and I’d rather not have the two kings fighting.

    But just have two nameless lords fighting It out would be fine.

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