New Clan: Divide et Impera is recruiting

  • Divide et Impera is a new clan formed from the ashes of Sanguinem et Ferrum, hence our motto, “Victis Honor:” Honor to the Vanquished.

    Here’s how this clan works:

    We are a clan by name, yes, but we prefer to look at this as a brotherhood. There is nobody more in charge than anybody else. All members have equal say, all members have equal priviledge. With this comes equal responsbility, trust, and the development of a clan we can all be proud to be a part of.

    We are a clan with new ideas and a lot of energy. More importantly we are clan of people that are quite good at the game Chivalry. That’s why you’re here, and why we’re here; To play with good people to further our own skill and to bolster the skills of others. What you bring to the table in that regards is on you, as it is with everyone else. But overall, we are a family. And I suggest we treat each other as such. That being said, however, we are a clan that strongly values organization and obedience, and we expect all of our members to listen to their superiors when on the battlefield (only during competitive matches, of course)

    Lastly, as most clans need to use this schtick, we’re going to also say that we do plan on being respectful. We intend on playing in tournaments and against other clans competitively, as such we can’t have ridiculous slander or negative behavior making all of us look bad.

    That aside, you’re a brother now or will be one soon. Divide et Impera, Divide and Conquer

    More info:
    Where: USA, server located in NYC
    -must be nice
    -must have mic/be willing to talk
    -must have mumble (if you don’t know what that is, don’t worry)
    -must be good
    -must be willing to scrim

    We have a 16 slot server and a 15 slot mumble server until the payment runs out on it, at which point we will buy a new one. Same location, same provider, same slots, same features.

    For more info, go to and contact one of the admins, that being me (waldinian) or the owner, Ronald Reagan

    Thans for reading!

  • S.f. is dead! Long live D.i!

  • This is awkward.

    You know ‘impera’ doesn’t mean conquer, right?

  • @Bloodhead:

    This is awkward.

    You know ‘impera’ doesn’t mean conquer, right?

    It means “rule” I think.

  • @Teocyn:


    This is awkward.

    You know ‘impera’ doesn’t mean conquer, right?

    It means “rule” I think.

    Well, no, it means ‘order’ or ‘command’.

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