I can't fire the Light Crossbow?

  • The other two crossbows work normally for me, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember ever being able to shoot the Light Crossbow.

    LMB (i.e. GBA_Fire) does nothing, and no matter what I try I can never get it to fire.

    Hitting LMB with the crossbow at my hip doesn’t cause it to ADS, and even if I tell it to ADS using the aim keybind LMB still won’t make it fire.

    I’ve had this glitch since forever, but since I rarely mess around with archer I’d completely forgotten about it. It wasn’t until today that I remembered it.
    I was going Random-Random with every respawn to see how I’d fair and I got given the Light Crossbow, at which point I had to break my own rules and reroll my loadout because I literally can’t use it.

    Has anyone else encountered or heard of this glitch before?
    Better yet does anyone know of a solution to this?

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