Punch instead of a kick when using a 1h

  • (I had a search through the forum and couldn’t see this being suggested previously, apologies if it has)

    This was something Demork and I were talking about the other day and thought it might be interesting enough to post here!

    Essentially the topic says it all, as any class when you have a 1h weapon out without a shield (naturally) and you press F, it has a punch animation instead of a kick. It would make more sense as a 1h user in combat uses their free hand more than their foot.

    I’m not sure how balancing would work, I mean I’m guessing you would need to make it stop the player on the spot as with the kick now so you couldn’t run while punching.

    I think it’d be kinda cool to see.

  • I like this. In the beta there are 2 levels of kick - a punch could be the light option.

  • It doesn’t really make more sense per se, kicking has more force, especially when you want to create a distance between you and whatever you are kicking. But a punch would be nice, like BillDoor said, a lighter alternative to the kick. Since in the beta they are testing two types of kicks, one fast and light, and one slow and heavy. Punch would be fast and light one.

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  • @benj0.0:

    kicking was actually one of the techniques taught in medieval martial arts/fencing. It was mainly used to catch an opponent off guard and knock them off balance. Punching is inherently more dangerous as you are punching in line with the weapon and have far less reach which means you have to get much closer to your opponent. Furthermore someone in armour wouldn’t be affected much by the punch and there would be a high risk of the hand breaking or being hit with the weapon.

    Of course games don’t need to stick to reality but it is nice that Chivalry is making an attempt to tie in some of the actual weapons and techniques used in that period. In reality when using a single handed weapon without a shield, the free hand would be behind the fighter’s back or else would be used for grabbing (either the opponent’s weapon or the opponent themselves) and grappling.
    This is well out of the scope of the game but I would have liked to have seen this kind of mechanic implemented as clinching, throws and general wrestling was a major part of both armoured and unarmored warfare in those days.

    Yep. That’s also what I love about Chivalry. Good looking combat style that acutally was used instead of fancy looking anime-slashes. But I think a punch could be a nice idea.
    Let me explain how I would make a punch work, if I implemented it in this game.
    It’s really low range. (Of course. An arm without a weapon is shorter that an arm+weapon.)
    but it’s really fast and it doesn’t do much (or maybe even NO) damage (at all).
    But it pushes your opponent away from you. Their upper body gets pushed back and they have to walk back or they will fall over. so they do. and now you have some distance to your enemy. (good when playing a heavy class against an archer with thrusting dagger)

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