Server Problem

  • Hello, i just bought chivalry as it was on sale. i went through the training, baorded the ship and i got a black screen with my characters sword in front as if i was playing. i dont know if this was a glitch, but whatever. i saw a loading screen and it took me to the main menu. so i clicked on multiplayer but the only servers that appear are the these four shown in the below image. i do not have the filter set incorrectly i dont believe.

    Thanks in advance,

  • the server browser is pretty buggy sometimes just try clicking multiplayer and waiting dont touch anything while the servers are loading cuz it will most likely stop them and then show a few. but for some reason since the free weekend started i cant even get on any servers. as for the sword and black screen tht is just how the tutorial starts for some reason its a bug.

  • ok. i guess this i what we can expect from a beta.

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