Have a head crush icon and effect.

  • It would bother me when I crushed a enemy’s head and then cut off their leg. The enemy holds it’s leg like his head, and brain is there to do that. I would like it if there was a head crush effect like decapitation. They just fall to the ground without animation. I would also like if there was an icon that showed that a head was crushed.

  • A proper head crushing effect would be gruesome as fuck. Right now the whole exploding head thing is comical and almost cartoon-like. If they put in a realistic crushing effect where your helmet just caves in on your head and you heard them gurgling and gasping for air it would feel way more serious and realistic than your head just exploding like a tomato. It would be a bit like the screaming after being set on fire or the noises when your head gets cut off.

    And yeah. A unique icon for exploding someone’s head like the one for decapitations would be nice to have.

  • Its a bug.

    Head crushes give death animations.

    They aren’t supposed to.

    Its supposed to go to instant ragdoll.

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