Newbie Question. (Please be Gentle)

  • So uhhh, I’ve been playing the free weekend and I’m really lovin’ this game (I’m terrible, but it’s fun) and I’d really love to be a couple copies for me and my friends… but, so far, there’s been a row or flying insults in every match, there’s been kicking out people who have done nothing wrong or who are really good, there’s been plenty of team kills, tons even.

    I won’t name names but there’s been a particular three people who continuously spouted insults at everyone else, I kept my calm though, and ignored them. Yeah, I know it’s probably because of the free weekend but… just wanted to make sure. I also never saw anyone who said gg or just anything nice really, it was either “why’d you kill me” or “****”

    Also wondering why there isn’t a swear block of any kind, I don’t really care, just a bit weird.

    TLDR: Is the community really that bad or have I just been unlucky?

  • Usually it’s fine if you’re not a dickhead to anyone. Just find a different server or kick the asshats, every game will have people who are frustrated at that time or people finding each other in a random server who have pre-existing issues with one another.

    Community’s not bad at all, but people who don’t understand the mechanics, especially of blocking, will be complaining. If you get a veteran who’s particularly ornery at that time and explains things in a less than civil manner or simply starts insulting the complainers, it can get like that quickly.

    Again, online gaming has it everywhere.

  • You should try one of the classic duel servers (you can tell them by “duel” in their name and FFA mode). This servers are usually visited by veterans who most of the time will be happy to help out a new player and show him the basics.

    Chivalry community is very good in my experience (there are some exceptions ofc). Remember, this weekend is a bit different because of all the CoD kids playing but this will end soon.

  • @Half:

    Is the community really that bad or have I just been unlucky?

    it really is going to be a bit of both, that is the influx of players with the free weekend currently underway and the usual attitudes to be found in the warpstorm (i.e. the ‘internets’). Even though I’ve hardly lived a sheltered existence in my ten or so years online I was surprised at the level of racism that frequently occurs on local servers. Another curiously germane consideration is the common observation that Chivalry (of all games) tends to rouse player’s emotions more so than others, so as a rule whilst the playerbase might not include the usual demographics it is worth noting that many report a heightened experience of tension and/or frustration. Thankfully most seasoned players exhibit reasonable temperance and are generally equable. Using myself as an example, I’m afraid I’m far too easily perturbed (‘my goodness, did you just feint…how could you’ /euphemistic redaction) but for the greater part have somehow managed to restrain untoward comments.

    Chivalry is a great game but there will be questionable displays at times, that is going to be largely unavoidable one way or the other in mind of the internet medium, and there is also something about the game which does apparently inspire more than the usual misgivings (I have a theory actually). However, going by what others have also mentioned, there does sound to be a fairly respectable community across different timezones so maybe that might balance matters out. Of course you would also need to evaluate how appropriate these various issues are when considering an appropriate gift for others.

  • If you’re having trouble with the average spammer/jerk, I’ve found disabling the chat a blessing. My game has improved much since I did.

    Plus the chat box is very big and awkward-looking and I can focus more on the game when I don’t have to look at it.

    Absent that, the only way you can be harassed in game is by voluntary teamkill (which is rare if they can’t speak to you via chat to enrage you) or via mic, which never happened to me in the 120+ hours of Chivalry play I have under my belt.

    Don’t let the very few toxic members of the community dissuade you from purchasing this absolutely awesome game.

  • @Half:

    TLDR: Is the community really that bad or have I just been unlucky?

    I’d probably say unlucky. But pretty much every game has a bad community nowadays with the new generation of gamers. Must be MOBA players… lol.

    Glad you’re interested enough to post on forums and stick with it! Great to see another face in the community; can’t wait until you improve a lot and play with the big boys ;)

  • I really wish these guys wouldn’t sugar coat it. In general, the community is absolutely terrible. People will express contempt if you play a certain class. People will express contempt if you use a certain weapon. People will express contempt if you play a certain way. You will be insulted. You will be sworn at. You may even be votekicked for no reason.

    Yes, the community is pretty damn bad. But it’s not much worse than most other communities. You will also sometimes meet good people. You will sometimes meet interesting people. You will sometimes meet funny people. You will sometimes spend an entire match re-enacting the Human Centipede with 2 other dudes you just met and somehow know that’s what each of you wanted to do all along without any words spoken between you.

    There is always negativity, and if you intend to buy this game you must steel yourself for all the angry troubled people who do behave like this. But you have to learn to look past them. Disregard the negativity and instead embrace the joy of shoving your head into a Vanguard’s rear.

  • I have been on a server most of the day with so many lowbie noobs.

    Its been a riot, I make sure I balance the team, progress the maps etc, I play all the classes, try out new weapons.

    There was a very occasional tker but not often at all.

    You know what, its just people that are enjoying the game, it does help if teams are balanced.

  • Aside from teamkill and troll vote to kick you i love chivalry community. Nothing’s best than pvp chat. :D … and then pwn same trolls with your skill. ;)

  • Its a free weekend so its even worse than it is usually.

    It your bad a the game you probably won’t get kicked.

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    can’t wait until you improve a lot and play with the big boys ;)

    Then you will really hate the game for what it is. :P

  • I never go on duel mode servers, but with my new internet, I need to relearn my timing. There were a lot of newbies on there, but we all had a great time. Everyone was helpful and respectful.

    Also I posted about how a bunch of us were playing on the 30+ rank server and that was a blast as well :)

    {{No idea where I’m going with this… Just rambling. GOODNIGHT!}}

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