New to map/type

  • first objective for a TO gameplay havent thought on the 2nd or 3rd objective maybe you got any ideas. first of all the map looks like it after a battle with alot of bodies of agathians and masons and maybe some war machines (blistas, weapons, traps) and one team need to kill the enemy wounded soldiers that are on the ground while the opposite team try to stop them.

    share your thoughts on this idea and if you got a good for a 2nd objective than speak your mind.

  • Sounds like it would be too easy to kill them with archers. If they died in one hit then the only way to protect them would be to have someone constantly standing in front of them with a shield up.

    Something similar might work. One team having to escort wounded soldiers or push a cart filled with them might make for an interesting objective. It could lead to more than one way to complete an objective for defenders other than just waiting for the timer to run out. Maybe make the cart destructible and the defenders win if they manage to destroy it before it reaches its destination.

  • the wounded soldiers will be in a place that will be hard for archer to hit them from like behind a pile of few bodies and things like that maybe the carrage could be the 3rd objective after moving the bodies from the way or something in that similarity

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