Customisation for free-for-all

  • I was just reading through the thread about adding more customisation options to the game. I’m all for it, but I understand that Chivalry wasn’t a massively funded game and adding all the things that were suggested would probably be a bit much. But I’m not a modeler and I don’t run a game company so I don’t know much about the processes involved. It might be expensive to set up customisation as deep as what was suggest or it might not.

    What I’m suggesting is a level of customisation that is already in the game. Just give players some more control over it. It would be nice to have the option to select what colour armour you have in free-for-all instead of letting it be random each time as well as what faction you spawn as. Say for example; If i preferred the Mason vanguard and my favourite colour was green, I could select the option to always use the Mason vanguard’s voice commands with the green armour colour when I’m playing vanguard in free-for-all.

    All of the alternate armour colours are already in the game so adding the option to choose which ones you always get for free-for-all wouldn’t be that hard to put in.

  • I want to customize the duel menu…

  • Completely agree with the OP. in fact I remember making a similar thread.

    5 months ago.

  • I agree with this too!! :) It would be really awesome if you could choose what color you use in duel and ffa! And you could also make that templar skin playable then :) i really like it in the screenshots!

  • And the idea of the mason VO’s is good too, it’s kinda weird if you have a monologue which is “FOOOR THE OOOOORDAAAA!” “PUT DOWN THE ORDER!” if playing as knight with mason look

  • This would be nice.

    Could apply it to Duel mode too.

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