Why can i not connect to any server right now?

  • Why?

    i can join others but not ones my friends are in… but somtetimes the ones that friends are in, but then i can’t. I have heads to cut off i dont have time for this!

  • Same, it seems like the official ones are acting up a bit. I’ve noticed that when I try to join, it simply gets stuck on the loading screen. Other servers for whatever reason seem to be unaffected as I could join my clan’s server just fine.

  • Same here, I’m unable to join my favourite free for all server. Seems this free weekend maybe crashed the official servers a bit.

  • yeah, same here :(

  • Same. Cannot connect to ANY server.

  • I did not realize it was a free weekend, damnit and i have to work.

    Someone called it the “May 2013 Noob Harvest”

  • Same here on my own home hosted server! D:

    I crave chopping and slicing those pesky archers with low gravity!

  • Developer

    I don’t know, we’re still looking into it. I noticed that rebooting a server can get it working. I also noticed that some people can connect to some servers whilst others can’t (even if those people are behind the same router, on near-identical machines…). I can’t find any rhyme nor reason behind which servers can and can’t be connected to by which players.

    It’s odd that this just started happening and it’s pretty awful timing. My best guess at the moment is that might be related to Steamworks authentication; we’ve had similar issues with it in the past.

  • Developer

    Please PM me if anyone notices this happening on any of the four “Official Torn Banner” servers (well, PM me tomorrow when I’m awake). I just started them to try to figure this out…

  • So… what are suppose to do? Wait until you guys fix the problem?
    I just Reinstall my Chivalry and it works for sometimes like 2 days… and then after it, it wont work.
    It always stucks on the loading screen and nothing happens, im getting tired with bots…

  • i was playing for a few hours yesterday and the day before, i had no problem joining servers

  • I’m having similar problems. I can only see four servers in the browser. If a friend of mine joins a server that’s not on the list, I can’t join nor see it. If they try to join mine, they can’t.

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