Need for Chivalry

  • I want to be able to customize helmets and shields (on shields only the paint, on helmets the shape) like you can do with cars in NFS Underground and all the milked versions that came out of it later. Especially NFS Carbon, where you could unlimitely change the proportions and shapes of the different types of bumpers etc.
    TB, make it happen please!
    P.S. face customization like in the Sims and the Elder Scrolls would be flippin’ awesome too.

  • Well that could be useful for clans or for just plain fun. About the face customization, I don’t like the face that everyone looks alike in chivalry. I would like if everyone in chivalry had different faces similar to the HL2 civilians. I think the face customization would be nice.

  • Nice face! smashes it with a maul

  • Well I like the idea. It looks kinda weird. the faces seem to be class and team specific. every agatha archer has the same face and so on.

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