Will trade $30 (In games) for Key

  • My impatience has finally overcome me…I’m willing to purchase anyone $30 worth of games for a
    beta key.

    The cash I have accessible atm is only via my Steam wallet, so if anyone is interested add me on steam for negotiation (Steam ID: Plightful).

    The key ensures me the full retail product too, correct?

  • don’t do it dude, I used to take people like you for a ride. It’ll be worth it to wait the 3 weeks.

  • Developer

    Just so you know, preorders will be available tonight on our website.

  • If you trust no one, you’re a fool. If you trust everyone, you are yet again a fool. Live long enough
    and you will see that we are all fools.

    I’ll take caution and go the safer route…to wait.

    @Tibbs, can’t. I only have cash available via steam wallet (for games). Saving up for a new eye piece and telescope.

    Thanks though!

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