Duel mode, fight replay

  • You enter the arena, sword and shield in hand. Your breathing rate increases, your heart starts beating faster than usual. You sight your opponent from across the arena, he’s staring at you with the look of aggression and blood in his eyes. His mission: to end your life and to be the victor, at any cost. There is no one to help you this time. There is no houses to burn or king to defend, the objective is your life. Your skill verses his, there can only be one winner.

    The announcer counts down, 3….2…1 as if time slowed down to a halt. The butterflies are so unbareable now, it’s all you can do to stop yourself from being sick. You doubt everything you’ve ever learnt from Captain Neckhole. Was it enough? You hear “Fight” and your opponent is already hurtling towards you, longsword in hand and a killer look in his eye. His roar of a battle cry brings you back from the trance you’ve been in.
    You realise he is almost in the pocket and he is already winding up and a swing that will take your head clean off if you don’t do something. Your instinct kicks in, you rasie your shield. You feel steel strike wood with a sickening crunch as the shock from the blow travels up your arm and shoulder. Before you have time to register the pain, or to raise your sword to counter the attack he is already throwing his blade around his back in an arc over his head. If you don’t stop it in time it with split you open from shoulder to navel. Again you get your shield up just in the knick of time to stop to sickening blow.
    This time you delfect his blade over your shield and he lurches forward, over extending his strike. Without a thought you react and thrust your broadsword at him. You hear steel on flesh as you feel the blade entering the unarmoured side of his chestplate. You hear him groan is pain, he’s hurt. You know it, he knows it.
    You forget the butterflies, the taste of blood ignites a barbaric lust inside of you and you go from the defensive to throwing blow after blow. The sound of steel on steel deafens you as each strike bounces of his helmet and breastplate as he desperately tries to backpedal and make some distance so he can recover and attack. He is nearly out of the reach of your broadsword when he missed a step and slips backwards. Immediately you pounce and thrust the sword into the gap in his gorget.
    The crowd howl in delight as your blade pierces skin, crushes the bone and explodes out the otherside with a torrent of blood.
    The sound is so deafening it mutes the sound of him drowning and gargling his own blood, trying to catch his final breath.
    You stand over him victorious. You are alive, but only just.

    We all remember our first time in the arena? How we thought that we would destroy the enemy in a single stroke of our sword? How wrong we were, and how we were enlightened to swordplay. Duel mode is one of my favourite modes of any game that I’ve ever played. I’ve never learnt more about this game as when I’ve been in a duel server. ( Sorry Captain Neckhole, you didn’t prepare me for the slaughter that would ensue) :x

    I’ve been beaten so hard that I couldn’t even get a single shot in. I’ve hit so many enemies until they’re on 0 HP only to lose because I was careless and greedy for the last killer blow. Duel mode is a place to win, lose, die and learn.

    I love spectator mode. It allows me to watch people duel and learn from their style. I can see their footwork, how they feinted and how they did that incredible delay swing. I even go into old duel servers and watch people battle one another. I sometimes feel that it is not enough.
    What I would like to see implimented, if it is possible, is a instant fight replay. A recording of the last duel that you fought, that can be saved and imported directly into a folder. At the end of the fight you have an option to save the recording or it will be lost forever if you do not wish to keep it.
    I’m not software developer or C programmer so I’m not sure how it could be implimented, but I believe it could be a valuable tool in analysing ones game play. I think it would help you see things that you were not able to see in the midst of the fight.
    I think it’s a feature that could benefit everybody. You even have the option not to save the fight replay if you are in need of space. It might even lend itself to Esports, as Fraps can severely reduce FPS when recording, and spectators 1st person mode is laggy and jittery at the best of times. This could provide better tools for match analysis.

    That’s just a little idea of mine, I’d be interested to know what other people thought.

  • So basicly a killcam. I cannot tell you how many times I’ ve suggested it. 7-9 times maybe ?:) Nobody ever cared…

  • @funthomass:

    So basicly a killcam. I cannot tell you how many times I’ ve suggested it. 7-9 times maybe ?:) Nobody ever cared…

    Essentially yes. Though rather than emphasizing on the killing in a 1st person view, you’d get the whole fight replay, and it would be saved in a folder for later viewing in 3rd Person or 1st person. Think of it like a Rome Total War battle replay, you can pause and rewind at your leisure. I guess it is more of a tool to learn than a ‘killcam’

  • I support this! I have Fraps, and in the past have posted some stuff on you tube. It would be quite nice to be able to save a replay without bothering with recording software. Especially because I have no way of knowing which fights will be the ones in which I shine. It would be cool if this were added to all the modes, with the option to save the recording coming up at the end of each life. This could bring about problems with CPU taxation however.

  • Great idea! Whole replay for duel. And killcam on other modes would be nice, too. So you can see what went wrong. Still the duel replay could cause some performance issue but most computers could take that, I think.

  • Kill cam on duel modes only. Because some people like stealth in team modes.

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